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The IVA-2 CPT is a psychological test that helps clinicians evaluate both visual and auditory attention and response control functioning. This workshop covers the background and theory behind the test, analysis of the various scales and how to integrate test data in with other clinical data to create a comprehensive clinical evaluation for ADHD.

During this course, the attendee will learn about the theory and historical background behind CPTs in general, and the IVA-2 specifically. Discussion of the various interpretive scales and their definitions as well as guidelines for interpreting the test will also be provided. Finally, a discussion of using the Clinical Report writer to integrate all of your various clinical data, observations and rating scales into a comprehensive clinical report will be provided.

Attendees should have some background with psychological tests and be able to meet Level B psychological testing guidelines. Additionally, prior familiarity with the IVA-2 test would be useful, but is not required. Approved and qualified attendees will be given the opportunity to download a trial of the test for first hand experience.

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